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Pearls Only is an online F2C (Farm to Consumer) company that provides top quality pearls in the UK. It has all the finest pearls in the market even those that are often difficult to find everywhere. Pearls Only is a leader in the pearl industry. It always makes sure its customers are satisfied besides providing premium quality pearls. Prices are maintained to its lowest possible cost and its customer service is sustained to utmost excellence that no other companies can match.

At Pearls Only, you can shop an extensive selection of pearl accessories for:

You can also choose the type of pearls you like which include:

If you are shopping for colored pearls, you can select from among the following pearl hues:

Just recently, Pearls Only has launched its silver collection jewelries that you will also love. It has various fashion designs available for:

Pearls Only (RedStores UK): What makes it different?

Unlike other pearl companies, Pearls Only is proud to present its significant features that no other else can offer. Here are some of its characters that distinguish them from the others.

Pearls Only has the finest pearls in the market. Pearls Only hand picks its pearls direct form the pearls farms in China and the Japanese Pearls Processors.

A wide array of exclusive pearls and silver accessories are being offered by Pearls Only which are certainly fashionable, elegant, and sophisticated.

Pearls Only makes use of the advanced technology to maintain the prices of its products to the minimum cost.

Pearls Only guarantees luxury pearls at 70%-80% savings over unmatched in retail stores.

Their staffs are so friendly and are knowledgeable about the products; you can be assured they can assist you with all your shopping needs.

Pearls Only offers free royal shipping of all your orders over 75 GBP, free decorative gift box, and free Pearl Club VIP membership where you can earn exclusive points upon purchases.

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Pearls Only (RedStores UK) vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Pearls Only (RedStores UK))

Pearls Only does not stand alone in the pearls industry. It has two giant competitors, namely: Unique Pearls and Lust Pearls. Here are some significant features that you need to know about these two companies so that you will be able to compare them with Pearls Only.

Unique Pearl offers four types of pearls which include the freshwater pearls, Aloya, Tahitian South Sea Pearls, and Baroque Pearls. Unique Pearl specializes on Baroque Pearls as these types of pearls come in unusual characteristics like its shape and color. Unique Pearls accepts custom-made pearl jewelries at no additional cost.

Lust Pearls provides unique South Sea Cultured Pearls blended with modern designs with the use of fine metal and diamond encrusted pearls. Apart from ladies accessories, Lust Pearls has also jewelries available for men.

**When it comes to the number of types of pearls, Pearls Only offers more than Unique Pearl and Lust Pearls do. But for the design, Lust Pearls has more impressive features as it combines diamonds to its pearl jewelries.  

Pearls Only (RedStores UK): Pricing & packages

Pricing matters a lot when shopping for pearl jewelries. Oftentimes, it can determine how authentic and how precious the pearls are. Nevertheless, price can even dictate you whether to buy it or not considering your budget. Here is some list of the prices of pearl jewelries of Pearls Only, Unique Pearl, and Lust Pearls.

  • Freshwater Pearl Necklace

At Pearls Only, its Freshwater Pearl Necklace ranges from £15 to £649 which is available in white, pink, lavender, and black.

At Unique Pearl, Freshwater Pearl Necklace is available in white hues only with the price that ranges from around £104 to £184.

Lust Pearls do not show prices for Freshwater Pearl Necklace on its website. Prices will only be revealed upon request to the stockist.

  • Tahitian Pearl Earrings

Tahitian Pearl Earrings are within £165 to £309 at Pearls Only.

At Unique Pearl, Tahitian Pearl Earrings starts at £135. They can be as high as £896.

Prices at Lust Pearls for Tahitian Pearl Earrings should be made by request.

Pearls Only (RedStores UK): Product images & screenshots
Pearls Only (RedStores UK) Coupons
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Pearls Only (RedStores UK): Customer reviews & comments

After knowing what Pearls Only has to offer you, what the customers tell about them can significantly help you decide whether to shop your pearl jewelries from them or not. Here are the statements of some of its customers:

I have just received my lovely necklace and earrings. They are quiet beautiful and just as described. I am thrilled! From order to delivery took just a week. During that time, I had regular email updates on how my order was progressing. They were well packed for delivery. I have no hesitation in recommending this seller to others. Thank you very much. By Patricia, Warwick | 01/04/2012

The pearls are just as lovely as the advertising suggests. I have just worn them once and my daughter wore them too and has purchased her own necklace. The white freshwater set is versatile and will go with everything so is a definite investment. By Angela, Manchester | 06/03/2011

I am so please with the product that I have experimented with where I would wear this pearl set and I have found it is perfect for any occasion looking splendid with formal wear and stunning with casual wear. It finishes an outfit in style. . By Philip, Bacup | 05/23/2011

Best Available Pearls Only (RedStores UK) Coupon:
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